About Us

About Harmony United Medsolutions:
At Harmony United Medsolutions, we are more than just a leading provider of Medical Billing Solutions; we are your trusted partner. With a proud history spanning over three years, we are committed to delivering end-to-end services in medical billing, A.R. management, and other critical healthcare facets.

Commitment to Quality and Excellence:
Our commitment to the U.S. healthcare industry is unwavering, fueled by innovation and facilitation. Integrity, adaptability, sincerity, reliability, and commitment converge in our ethos, driving us towards a singular goal – excellence. Upholding the strictest privacy rules and regulations of HIPAA compliance ensures that we handle sensitive healthcare data with the utmost care and security.

Navigating Healthcare’s Growth:
The healthcare industry is burgeoning at an unprecedented pace, offering both challenges and opportunities. Harmony United Medsolutions embraces this growth, offering a unique approach that guarantees superior services, efficiency, and the shortest Turnaround Time (T.A.T.).

Our Integrated Approach:
Harmony strategies meld People, Processes, and Technology, setting new industry benchmarks. With our diversified skill set, we adeptly navigate healthcare complexities. Our operational team remains focused on driving performance enhancements, ensuring top-tier services and reduced T.A.T.

Decade of Dedicated Service:
For over three years, Harmony United Medsolutions has provided end-to-end support to our esteemed business partners. Our unique methodologies and commitment to transformation set us apart, as we aim to cultivate healthier communities and contribute to an emotionally robust society.

Education & Continuous Improvement:
In the dynamic realms of Medical Billing and A.R. follow-up, continuous vigilance and adaptability are paramount. Harmony United Medsolutions champions education, ensuring our resources remain abreast of industry advancements. Our dedication to continuous process improvement identifies and rectifies inefficiencies, guaranteeing optimal outcomes.

Unwavering Quality & Consistency:
Our distinctive systems and processes are meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled results. A diversified workforce underpins Harmony United Medsolutions, ensuring a harmonious balance of quality and consistency that consistently meets and exceeds industry benchmarks.

Company’s Vision & Mission

Vision for Harmony United MedSolutions:

To be the healthcare industry’s foremost partner in medical management service provider and integrated services, setting the standard for excellence and innovation.

Mission for Harmony United Medsolutions:

Our mission is to deliver superior medical billing, A.R. management, and comprehensive support services, ensuring our clients’ efficiency, compliance, and success. We empower healthcare providers to focus on patient care while we optimize their financial performance.

Aquil Imran(M.D.)

Aquil Imran, the visionary founder of Harmony United Medsolutions Pvt Ltd, brings a unique blend of art and technology to the ITES sector. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Imran’s foray into Information Technology-Enabled Services began in 2015 with the establishment of the organization. His profound commitment to innovation, excellence, and a deep understanding of both arts and technology has steered Harmony United Medsolutions to its prominent position today.

“Harmony in technology and service is not just a vision; it’s a commitment,” says Imran. “We harmonize ideas and services, shaping a future where information technology meets the artistry of progress.” His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to quality have been pivotal in fostering the growth and success of Harmony United Medsolutions since its inception.

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