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Most of the healthcare companies now find a tough challenge in getting a trustworthy partner in their billing and a process lifecycle, hence the challenge of sticking to the guidelines so that the TAT is reduced further and increased dependency. As a Third Party processing center, we handle some of the most challenging work assignments in the Healthcare industry vertical. We stand as a Benchmark organization for most of the companies in improving the Revenue Cycle Management Stringent healthcare policies like communicating clearly and frequently with payers help us make the difference in Revenue Cycle Management. Quality and operational excellence to improve productivity and quality Transforming outcomes by improving focus and visibility on RCM We drive our business solutions from Employees, Physicians, Providers & Insurance companies.

Learn about insurance verification and eligibility. In this training, we will cover copays, co-insurance, deductible, out of pocket, and more. Learn about coordination of benefits, how to determine primary and secondary insurance. We will also cover the various types of insurance such as Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, HMO, PPO, etc.